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A quest for a great diner led owner CathyCerniglia to open her own family diner. Tired of the same old fast food options and disappointed with the "gourmet" burger restaurants, Cathy decided to make her own home cooked meals and make it truly special.   

After experimenting with lots of different recipes Cathy was finally satisfied with a menu which everyone would like. But, not to leave out his vegetarian friends, She was sure to include plenty of vegetarian options on her menu too,  as well as gluten free and some sugar free offerings. 

The Over Easy diner has been in exsistence since 1995  with a great following over 450 likes on FACEBOOK alone! 

"We are thriled with the success we've had to date and look for new friends to stop by and try us out. You'll be back I'm sure"


                                                             Cathy Cerniglia

                                                              Owner, The Over Easy Cafe